Learning Agreement Erasmus Uni Wien

For more information on the subject, please visit the OeAD/Erasmus National Agency page: bildung.erasmusplus.at/de/aktuelles/artikel/2019/09/informationen-zum-brexit-update/ please send an email containing the following information to your Erasmus coordinator: You must apply via Mobility Online. To apply, you need the following documents: The following steps are required for renewal: Recognition is requested by the Learning Agreement after the Mobility, which you must submit to your SPL with the certificate of the host university. We would also like to stress that it is not possible to postpone Erasmus stays until the next academic year 2021/22. However, students can again apply for an Erasmus position during the submission period of the main award phase for the 2021/22 academic year. In this regard, it is essential to respect the deadline for submitting applications or any previous delay in the internal study stream at the institute. Applications for an Erasmus place can only be submitted through the Mobility Online online tool during the application period. We recommend that students consider postponing their stay until the summer semester of 2021. If you wish to postpone your stay, please first discuss this option with your home university and then contact your incoming team at the University of Vienna. If a postponement is not possible, we ask you, as far as possible, to refrain from any financial obligations for the time being.

During the summer semester 2022, study trips will be organised in the United Kingdom on the basis of Erasmus-like agreements. Stays can receive financial assistance of up to 4 months at the University of Vienna, by analogy with Erasmus scholarships. However, it is not possible to guarantee that all nominated students receive a scholarship! Details of the application will follow. Do you need an internship agreement or an internship agreement for your internship? Please read this information. You will take the courses you want to take at the host university. At the same time, you agree with your SPL of LVs for which these courses must be charged to you. The Learning Agreement before the Mobility must be signed by all three parties (students, SPL, host university). Deadlines: When uploading your Erasmus documents in Mobility Online, the Learning Agreement before the Mobility has to be signed by you and your directorate of studies (SPL).

The host university has to sign your “Learning Agreement before the Mobility” before the beginning of your stay as well. Please upload your Learning Agreement before the Mobility again as soon as it has been signed by all three parties. The application must be duly completed by you (for academic reasons) and signed by the Erasmus interlocutor at the host university. The extension period must start smoothly on the first day after the end of the initial period and must be at least fifteen days. You should never exceed your personal quota of Erasmus mobility months (12 months per cycle of study/ 24 months for diploma studies). Students have a great deal of freedom in the choice of internship as long as the internship is relevant (a useful supplement to studies).

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