Samsung Printer Internet Connection Usage Agreement

On some UNIX, z.B operating systems on Solaris 10, only added printers may not be activated and/or may not accept orders. In this case, execute the following two commands on the main terminal: /p-computer_name-shared_printer” or “” in this case: where “computer_name-shared_printer” or “” refers to the network path to the printer by typing two scrinals, the computer name or local IP address of the computer that shares the printer, then the printer`s output name. To use the UNIX printer driver, you first install the UNIX printer driver package and then set up the printer. You can download the UNIX printer driver pack from Samsung`s website ( > you can find your product > support or download). Run the “installprinter” command from the terminal. You can also update the driver of your Samsung printer via the device manager. Here`s what happens: if you have a problem with your Samsung Universal Print driver, don`t worry. This article shows you how to download or update your Samsung Universal Printer Driver in Windows 10/8/7. Click Add the printer to select the printer and add it to the printer list. 2) Enter your Samsung printer model, enter z.B.

Samsung ML-3472 LaserJet. When the installation is complete, launch the Print utility (Go to System > Administration > printing menu or execute the system-config-printer command in the terminal). 1) Make sure you`ve connected your printer to your Windows computer. Enter a description of the type of printer in the typical field. It`s optional. The V4 driver is automatically downloaded from Windows Update when your computer is connected to the Internet. If not, you can manually download the V4 driver from Samsung`s website, > Find your product > support or downloads. 1. Connect to the printer with your web browser and IP address using existing computer navigation files to create a printer instance if it is already installed. If you want to install Samsung`s printer management tools, you need to install them with the software CD provided. This command removes only the specified print instance from the system without further printer commands being affected. No printer tracer files are removed from your system.

Include the location of the printer in the warehouse field. With this setting, you can add print instances based on your preferences. Run “installprinter” via the command line. This shows the Add Printer Assistant window. Install the printer in this window, which refers to the following procedures. This command allows you to install a printer instance that uses printer driver files installed without installing an additional driver. The type of queue shows the connection as an lpd or jetdirect in the corresponding list area. In addition, the USB type is available on Sun Solaris OS. Check the default Create option to set this printer as a standard printer. /p “” in the “” IP address for network printers. /p”USB001,” /P”LPT1: /p”hostname” Specify any description of the printer in the Description field.

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