Settlement Of Extended Rebate Agreements

Why do we have to run VBOF if we cancel the final compensation for rebates? This will only happen if we take a final count before the end of the agreement. Thanks for collecting this request, I had wondered about the reason for agreements in status D with delimitation routes….. He never thought of abolishing the early colonies. 🙂 calculations are used to determine the volume of activity. For many debtors, the individual turnover of each assigned debitor is used to calculate compensation values. To pay backs to debtors, create proof of compensation. In addition, you can choose how the system determines the imposition of compensatory positions. Thank you for your detailed explanation. It`s very useful. In our case, we use extended discounts, so we don`t do cmR, but we can revoke the status from D to B. If the cancellation is made by removing the credit requirement while the agreement is located in Status C (which reduces the status to B), updates must be made based on the date or time of the initial final count of invoices made after that date/time until the end of validity date.

You can run VBOF and then create a new billing. This scope includes subsequent billing of discount terms agreed with customers. You use packaging contracts to enter delivery terms, process management parameters, business volume selection criteria, and billing dates for the partial and final count. You can create conditioning contracts for a debtor or several debtors. If you complete the final tally before the end of the validity period, the agreement moves to Status D and prevents any new limit between the settlement date and the end of the validity period. If the compensation is cancelled…. Now there`s a big question. What do you mean by cancelling the final count? Does this mean a reversal of the credit memo? If you do, the compensation funds are cancelled in both FI and SD, but the status of the agreement remains the D.

CreditMemo`s initial request remains valid and you can change the amount of the payment the most. It is not possible to change the decanted delimitation. However, if you update VBOF, the result is an update of the reduction limits between the date of the final settlement and the end of the validity period. However, this additional delimitation is NOT updated in the CreditMemo requirement that has already been created.

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