What Is A Recognition Agreement In Trade Unionism

4.2.8 Recruitment of new members into approved unions. 4.14 The backfilling budget is maintained in the human resources sector and is used by departments to cover accredited trade union delegates who have been assigned to trade union duties. It is up to each of the unions with backfill funding to propose the representatives for which these funds are allocated. 3.1 The university and its recognized unions have a common interest in ensuring the objectives, plans, objectives and objectives of the university and hence the continued development and success of the university, its staff and students. 6.7 It was agreed that until these procedures were exhausted, there could be no work stoppage or other forms of union action and, in the case of an amendment, this amendment generally does not take place, i.e. the continuation (or return) of the existing practice or agreement before the amendments that led to the dispute. Except in very specific cases where the Vice-Chancellor believes that the continuation of the status quo would have serious, immediate and adverse consequences for health and safety, or for the educational or financial activities of the university, if he followed the necessary measures. But sometimes employers and unions are not able to enter into a voluntary recognition agreement. In these cases, the union may apply for legal recognition, provided it has met certain basic conditions: the union must have already submitted a formal application for recognition to the employer; The organization employs at least 21 workers; The union must have at least 10% members and perhaps obtain a majority in a ballot; and if the employer has proposed to include Acas, the union must have given its consent within ten working days. 3.9 Both the university and its recognized unions recognize that the provisions of this agreement have an obligation to organize the consideration of the issues raised as quickly as possible. This agreement replaces all trade union and recognition agreements between the parties and enters into force from the date of the last signing, in accordance with the following part. See the legal recognition of a union – beginning of the procedure.

When a union is recognized by an employer, members have the right to take a break at a reasonable time to participate in union activities. This agreement may include: 1.3 This agreement is intended to meet the requirements of the relevant sections of the Workers Information and Consultation Regulation (2004), the Labour Law Act (1996), the Trade Union and Professional Relations Act (1992) (“TULR (C)A 1992) and any subsequent legislation on worker relations.

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