Attorney Engagement Agreement Template

After termination, the company issues the customer a final invoice for the work performed by the company up to the date of termination, in accordance with the determination of remuneration in this declaration. After payment of the final invoice by the Customer, the Company provides the Customer with all documents (with the exception of the Work Product) relevant to the subject matter of this Agreement, at each stage of completion thereof at the time of termination. The company will be adequately available to discuss the client`s business. It is important for firm that the customer remains informed of the customer`s business. The firm`s staff will not offer legal advice or presumptions to the client unless ordered by the firm`s lawyers. The lawyers and collaborators of the law firm will discuss with the client by telephone, e-mail, videoconference or personally the progress of the work on the client`s affairs. The firm`s lawyers/guides/moderators will return the client`s phone calls and emails and respond as quickly as possible to requests for communication. If the firm`s staff is unable to answer the client`s questions or problems, the matter is brought to the attention of the firm`s lawyers. Contingency Fee Agreement – For client lawyer relationships for which payment is only due if we believe that team collaboration in search of lasting, pleasant, productive and corporate relationships is more beneficial for people looking for an agreement than approaching the encounter between adversaries, each trying to gain or avoid an advantage over the other from being disadvantaged by the other.

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