British Horse Society Lease Agreement

When sharing horses, the pet usually stays with the owner and you make an agreement for you or your child to ride the horse in exchange for help in the stables or a contribution to its maintenance. For the beginner, said Helen Owens of the British Horse Society, a short-term credit agreement is probably the best choice. Use the agreement to discuss what the agreement will be like before accepting the loan directly. By increasing the points that cover the agreement, you can assess whether the other party is someone you want to do business with and what their concerns may be. Depending on the circumstances, the landowner and horse owner may be required to use a grazing licence, a private grazing lease, a farm lease, a business lease or a painting contract. You can find templates for all these agreements here. The notes on each document page contain examples of when it might be useful to use the document. Indicate that the borrower must have the owner`s permission before the horse is dropped off and what should happen if the owner cannot be contacted in an emergency. 1. General – Information that should be included in any contract with the painting agreement: Are there any allergies that can occur at the vet? It displays so-called “stereotypes” (often mistakenly called stable trucks). Stereotypes are repetitive behaviors like the bite of the nursery and the walking box. The British Horse Society has a basic framework form for loan/lease agreements on its website that you can download and print. Here too, the peculiarities vary from case to case, but it contains a standard panel of things you need to think about and agree on.

She said, “Caring for a horse is a serious obligation. It`s probably a good idea to bring the kids to riding lessons first to see if they continue to do so. And make sure they realize it`s also an ongoing commitment – they can`t just enjoy driving and leave the rest to someone else. After proving their interest, a loan can be a good way forward. 3.1 The owner ensures that the horse is supplied with all the issues set out in the schedules (this describes the owner`s responsibilities to your horse, the services provided by the farm, the fees for using the services, a profile of your horse and a daily breakdown of your horse`s painting routine, and is built in four parts) breeding rules (z.B riding restrictions. Barn hours, notification required for the movement of the horse outside normal hours, etc.) One of the bases is that the borrower undertakes to properly care for the animal and assume responsibility for the horse when it is in its custody. This agreement will be included on the day of ___ on which the horse is to be maintained and if the owner wishes to visit or ride the horse during the loan period. If the owner wishes to be consulted before the borrower takes the horse to another farm, this should be taken into account. First, it can be used for planning. The structure of the agreement forces both parties to think about what is important to them (e.g. B how much care the horse or pony will receive). For example, there are three ways to have a horse in the family without actually buying it: leasing, renting and sharing. As the name suggests, leasing is where you get a horse from its owner and (normally) pay a monthly fee.

1.2 The owner will inform the farm in good time of all information or documents necessary for the site to enable it to provide the services, including, but not limited to, known trucks, medical condition and special requirements of the horse. If the borrower does not comply with the terms of the agreement, the owner can pick up the horse before the end of the term….

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