Sample Of Partnership Agreement In Pakistan

The partners voluntarily combine as complements for the purpose of managing the general operations of __ The registered office shall be located at [address/city/Land/Land] and at any other place or place that may be mutually agreed by the partners. One partner or the entire partnership has gone bankrupt. Its agreement is generally not binding, unless it is signed and notarized. As compensation for its services in and for the partnership activity, each partner is entitled to a salary of $______ However, a partner`s salary may be increased or reduced at any time by mutual agreement of all partners. This includes how it happens and what each partner contributes to the business. You and your partners need to discuss and agree on several things. (a) where the surviving partner decides to acquire the deceased`s shares in the partnership, the purchase price corresponds to the deceased`s balance sheet at the time of his death, increased by the deceased`s balance sheet at the end of the preceding financial year, increased by his share of the share of the share of the social profit or reduced by his share in the social losses for the period beginning at the beginning of the financial year; during which their death occurred until the end of the calendar month in which their death occurred and decreased by withdrawals that were encumbered in their income account during that period. Commercial or corporate assets, trade names, patents or other intangible assets are not taken into account unless these assets were recorded in the partnership registers immediately before the death of the deceased; however, the deceased is entitled to use the business name of the partnership. . . .


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