School Canteen Memorandum Of Agreement

The service must follow a correct procedure if this MOA is completed in advance to restore the functioning of the school singer to the school administrator. 7.11 All decisions, decisions and actions of the Board of Directors of the Teachers` Cooperative concerning the finances, privileges and benefits of membership in the Board shall be notified to the General Assembly for confirmation at their Annual Meeting. 7.12 Appointment of the coordinator 7.12.1 The teachers` cooperative instructs its canteen director to consult with the H.E. department on the timetable for internships in the canteen managed by the teachers` cooperative. Food produced by H.E. classes during their internship may be sold in the canteen and all the resulting proceeds are part of the revolving fund set up for this purpose. The COOPERATIVE establishes monthly descriptions and calendar rules at Deped Order No. 8, p. 2007, which will be displayed on the school`s black board for public access.

At the end of the school year, it also publishes its audited annual accounts on the blackboard of schools. 6.6 Proceeds and cash from the operation of canteens must be deposited daily with the nearest public deposit bank. In the absence of such a public deposit bank, deposits must be made with any nearest commercial bank. Under no circumstances may deposits be made to the personal account of an official of the school. A canteen managed by the school must have a “fiduciary” bank account for the name of the school, the school director and the canteen teacher must be the joint signatories. 6.7 On the basis of the expected revenue from the singer, the principal shall draw up an annual budget which shall be submitted and approved at the beginning of each school year to the principal or his representative. 6.8 The disbursement of canteen funds is in accordance with the approved budget and existing accounting and regulatory rules. 6.9 Teachers and canteen staff are required to obtain the release of money and wealth accounts in respect of their participation in the operation and management of the canine before retiring and/or leaving the public service or changing positions to reassign or transfer them to a higher position.

The distribution of the gross margin resulting from the operation of the school board is monthly, sixty percent (60%) for the COOPERATIVE and forty percent (40%) as a percentage of the school calculated and paid monthly by the COOPERATIVE to the school. The proportion of the school must be used in accordance with the relevant provision of “Deped” Regulation No. 8 s. 2007. In cases where the school needs additional funding for a given project, the school has the privilege of requesting a maximum of 10% (10%) of the 60% share of the COOPERATIVE only for the current month, but this is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, which is only taken into account in special cases. At the end of this MOA and when the COOPERATIVE ceases to operate the school canteen, the COOPERATIVE retains ownership of all the immovable property it acquires for the operation, with the exception of features or improvements that cannot be removed from the canteen premises without causing substantial damage. All dishes are freshly prepared by our wonderful canteens and volunteers. The department has issued a Memorandum of Understanding with the WA School Canteen Association on supporting schools in implementing, monitoring and reporting on policies relating to the school`s comprehensive approaches to healthy eating. . . .

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