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In the case of shareholders established outside Germany, the capital gains tax withheld and the solidarity supplement may be reduced in the light of the provisions of any double taxation agreements between the Federal Republic of Germany and the country of residence. Since dividends are paid in full into the tax deposit account (Paragraph 27 of the KStG) (no deposits to the share capital), the payment is made without deduction of capital gains tax or the solidarity supplement. COMMERZBANK Aktiengesellschaft With the tax deduction, German income tax is in principle considered to be reimbursed for income from private capital. It is important to note that a convenience supplement is different from a supplement. A surcharge is the ability to collect additional fees only for using a credit card, while a comfort fee applies to a specific use, such as taxes or tuition, or payment through other channels such as phone or online. In order to harmonise living conditions in East and West Germany after reunification, the solidarity supplement was introduced. The solidarity supplement was introduced after the reunification of Germany in order to achieve living conditions comparable to the East and the West. Only dividends are taxable at the shareholder level, and even at a maximum tax rate of 25% plus the solidarity supplement. Some people may not mind paying a comfort fee for using an electronic payment card, especially if the benefit of earning rewards on the card outweighs the cost of convenience fees. However, this practice is governed by both state legislation and card networks. As a regulated law, businesses must be careful when it comes to introducing convenience fees and surcharges for customers.

The payment of dividends will be made from 27 February 2014 with deduction of 25% of the capital gains tax and the solidarity premium of 5.5% on the capital gains tax (26.375% in total) and, where applicable, the following corporate tax with all its German branches: transitional presentation of income tax The income tax rate used for the transitional representation is the tax rate of the current companies of 25.0%. in Germany, plus a solidarity supplement of 5.5% and a rate of 14.5% for the tax on professional capital gains. The circumstances could also allow a request for a refund of the capital gains tax withheld, the solidarity supplement and, where appropriate, the ecclesiastical tax. The corresponding application forms are available from the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (An der Küppe 1 in D-53225 Bonn or as well as from German embassies and consulates. American Express: American Express` policy is not completely clear, but it does allow for comfort fees for a variety of items, as long as fees are charged for similar transactions. In principle, as long as it is not a supplement. Supplements have been banned in 10 states, namely California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as in the Puerto Rico District. These bans have been called into question, with some courts arguing that they restrict a company`s freedom of expression. States where markups are legal allow traders to set their own markup levels, with caps that are typically raised to around 4%.

For foreign shareholders, the capital gains tax withheld, including the solidarity supplement, may be reduced in accordance with the existing conventions between the Federal Republic of Germany and the country concerned, in order to avoid double taxation. . . .

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