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AF HeadshotThis time of year inspires us to reflect upon the friends, family and experiences that define and enrich our lives. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Ultimate, the sport we play together that has transformed our lives for the better. I’ll start.

I’m thankful for my Ultimate history. I discovered a disc that can float and curve in ways a ball never could. There’s something unique and magical about throwing and catching a disc, soaring high, launching parallel to the ground, earning grass stains or a sandy face and running all the way through. Thank you to the captains and veterans who had the faith to throw the disc to a rookie; taught me how to mark, huck and break; and showed me what it means to be part of seven on the line.

I’m also thankful to continue to play this great sport today. As a club and league player here in the Bay Area, I feel fortunate to be part of this community. I want to cheer my past and current teammates who are great players but even better friends and people, and cheer even louder for those I’ve competed against who have pushed me to improve and reinforced our sport’s values. There’s a team here for everyone in the Bay Area who wants to participate, whether you want to enjoy weeknight league games regularly with friends, play competitively at top tournaments or win the party after a hard day’s play. We are lucky to play our sport in a place that can claim to be the center of the Ultimate world.

Finally, I am excited about the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others discover this great game. Through Bay Area Disc Association, I have been a part of helping thousands of new players learn the sport and hope to help thousands more do the same. In our leagues, hat tournaments and events new adult players develop their flicks, sharpen their cuts and soak in the Spirit of the Game. In our youth programs, our athletes experience the same exhilarating thrill and physical rigor of other team sports but delight in Ultimate’s supportive culture. I watch our young players build confidence, make friends and experience what it means to be responsible sportsmen and sportswomen through the Spirit of the Game. Those values apply on and off the field and help transform people and communities for the better.

I am thankful that Bay Area Disc Association has positively impacted so many lives and look forward to continuing this great work. I hope that you’ll join me in reflecting on our sport, what it has meant to you and help to pay it forward with a donation to Bay Area Disc in this holiday season. Every donation goes directly towards providing opportunities for players of all levels here in the Bay Area. Please consider giving your financial support to our great cause.

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  Happy holidays from all of the volunteers at Bay Area Disc Association.

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Adam Farren
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