2013 YCC Tournament Recap

Bay Area all-star teams Happy Cows (under-19 mixed team) and Aftershock (under-16 team) traveled to Blaine, Minnesota on August 10-11 to compete in the 2013 USA Ultimate Youth Club Championships (YCC).

1150831_10151855443941639_335640262_nThe weekend was full of great highlights and learning moments. Both Bay Area teams hoped for higher finishes; however, they played with tremendous heart and found cohesiveness through the weekend. A core value of the Bay Area Disc Association youth program teaches players from various California schools to make new friendships. This lesson is clearly not lost on Happy Cows’ Jarett King writing to his team after YCC, “Thank you all for the incredible opportunity to bond and compete with the best players the Bay and Central Cali have to offer: the players I respected and rivaled throughout my years of high school ultimate. This experience with the Cows has been truly unforgettable and I will miss all of you.”

Happy Cows held its 4th place seed (out of 7), defeating the 2013 YCC champion BUDA in pool play. Aftershock finished 8th (out of 9), tying for 1st in Spirit of the Game. See below for full tournament results and check out the Happy Cows and Aftershock YCC tournament photos.*

1185296_10151855457496639_1312873183_nBay Area Disc Association would like to thank team coordinators Rene, Micah and Jennifer; team coaches, chaperones and families and team sponsor ERIC. Special thanks to fundraising coordinators Stefani and Aaron and to everyone that donated to support the teams’ YCC trip:

• Alexander Johnson • Andrea B. Smith • Ann Nelson • Anonymous #1 • Anonymous #2 • Anonymous #3 • Belinda Yamate • Cynthia Schorle • David and Anita Rees • Diane Hoelter • Dorothy and Ken Weseloh • G. Stathis • Grandpa & Grandma • Gwen Reed • H&C Angstadt • Howard and Carol Angstadt • Irene Navarro • J. Gruen • J. Toulouse • Jarret Grushkowitz • Jason Seidler • Jonathan Chang & Family • Jordan Rose • Judy & Andrew Hom • Karen Uno • Laura • Laura Cincotta • Liane, Paul, Rio & Colby Chuck • Lisa Maxwell • M. Leto • M.E.Torres • Madelyn Leto • Meghan Thornton • Mike Meffert • Nina • Ralna Purugganan • Ralph & Juanita Kolarik • Rene and Jim Maher • Roger V. Smith • Rosenblums • Samantha Ng • So Chang • So Ng • Stephen Stern • Teresa Ng • Terry Hawkins • Tom and Iris Maher

2013 YCC Final Standings

U19 Mixed:
1st place: BUDA • 2nd place: Maine • 3rd place: Minnesota • 4th place: Bay Area “HAPPY COWS” • 5th place: DiscNW • 6th place: Chicago • 7th place: Pittsburgh

U16 Open:
1st place: Seattle • 2nd place: TYUL • 3rd place: DeVYL • 4th place: Atlanta • 5th place: Minnesota • 6th place: Pittsburgh • 7th place: Cincinnati • 8th place: Bay Area “AFTERSHOCK” • 9th place: Maine

Spirit Of The Game Awards (scale: 1-5)

U19 Mixed:
DiscNW: 4.83 • Minnesota: 4.67 • BUDA: 4.43 • Maine: 4.43 • Pittsburgh: 4.33 • Bay Area “HAPPY COWS”: 4.17Chicago: 4.17

U16 Open:
Maine**: 4.67 • Bay Area “AFTERSHOCK”: 4.67Cincinnati: 4.60 • Atlanta: 4.50 • Pittsburgh: 4.50 • DeVYL: 4.17 • Seattle: 4.00 • TYUL: 4.00 • Minnesota: 3.50

*Photos by UltiPhotos’ photographers Christina Schmidt Photography, Alex Fraser Photography, and Nick Lindeke
**Won tiebraker

2 thoughts on “2013 YCC Tournament Recap

  1. I’d like to add Howard and Carol Angstadt for their generous donation (and their naming our mascot — Meadow Muffin did not get to stand for the championship trophy, alas) as well as Madelyn Leto. This kind of support really helped the team. What a great group.

    • Thanks Stefani! And thanks to Howard, Carol and Madelyn for the support…. We look forward to seeing Meadow Muffin on the trophy stand in the near future!

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