Eric Arons SF Rec. League

With the recent passing of Eric Arons — stalwart of the San Francisco Rec. League and pillar of the Bay Area Ultimate Community — Bay Area Disc Association commemorates Eric’s legacy by dedicating the 2013 SF Rec. Summer League to his memory and permanently renaming the SF Rec. League to the Eric Arons SF Rec. League.

photo (1)League organizers Geoff Ganem and Ted Spieth found it fitting to choose a theme for the 2013 summer league that paid tribute to the lasting impact Eric made to San Francisco recreational Ultimate. They gave captains the opportunity to choose team names from the long list of Bay Area Rec. teams Eric played on.

• Electrolytes (2012) • River Dance (2012) • Ravens (2012) • Pullates (2012) • Irish Bankrolls (2011) • Flick in a Box (2011) • American Gladiators (2011) • Chains Required (2011) • Blood Mary with Extra Tabasco (2010) • Evil Barney (2010) • Great White North (2010) • Auntie Oxidants (2010) • White Meat (2009) • Soylent Green (2009) • Beef Shank Cross Cuts (2008) • Britney (2007) • Absolut Tyranny (2007) • Yellow Fever (2007) • Beef Jerky (2006) • Jesus Christ Superstar (2006) • Mutts (2005) • Schadenfreudexxx (2005) • St. Madron (2004) • Gopher, why I hardly even… (2004) • Marinol (2004)

Eric’s long list of contributions to Bay Area Ultimate include founding and directing Huck Cancer, serving on the Bay Area Disc Association Board of Directors, directing adult and youth player development clinics, captaining numerous recreational teams and much, much more.

Eric was a friend and teammate to many and he will not be forgotten in our community.

4 thoughts on “Eric Arons SF Rec. League

  1. this is nothing short of awesome! if there is any chance i can get my hands on some of these discs i would greatly appreciate it!

  2. Can we sell those discs and the Summer League shirts on the site with the proceeds going to Huck Cancer? I already have one of each and I’d buy more.

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